Woman's house

The Maison de la Femme is organized in a union which brings together different groups of
, created in 2014 and supported by the NGO ‘Non Nobis’. Based in Kankan in the
Sabadou Baranama sub-prefecture. The MF has a building equipped for
training of women and work equipment and materials capable of producing
varied range of food products.
Its objective is to contribute to the economic development of Guinea through the
promotion of local products and in particular for Guinean women from
whatever environment they are.

    • Training and advice
    • Processing of precooked Fonio
    • Mango, papaya, coconut and ginger drying
    • Baobab fruit pounding, morenga, soy coffee, soumbara …


-Shea Butter
– Shea Soap
-Dried coconut, dried mango
-Fonio precooked
-Tô flour
-dried papaya
– Baobab fruit powder
-Soy soybean

Our activities in pictures