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GUINEA | Urban municipality of Boffa

This counter is an economic group with a cooperative nature responsible for the downstream of the sun salt industry in Guinea.

GUINEA | Banfora

La guinéenne des Terroirs is a women’s cooperative created in 2012 to promote the marketing of products from rural women’s groups, particularly with a view to their export.

GUINEA | Conakry Kipé

The little damba is a food processing and packaging company created in 2016 to promote Guinean products at national and international level.The products they offer come from Lower Guinea and Fouta Djalon and are packaged in Conakry

GUINEA | Macenta

ADECAM is an association aiming to promote Ziama coffee. The latter, produced in Forest Guinea, is one of three African terroir products that have received a protected geographical indication PGI.

GUINEA | Douala

The Böra Maalé network is an inter-professional organization created in 2014 bringing together mangrove rice producers in Guinea (Böra Maalé is the collective brand aiming to enhance and protect the rice in question).

GUINEA | Douala

The brand “Les Roses de Marie” was born in 2014 from the wish of its founder to promote the emancipation of rural women, while making the public benefit from the natural virtues of shea butter. The brand’s skincare products are therefore made from shea butter concocted in rural Guinea, according to an artisanal process which preserves all the cosmetic virtues of shea nut, as well for skin maintenance. only for hair care. and protect the rice in question).

GUINEA | Conakry

Aoudy is a family and social enterprise evolving in the field of agro-business.
We promote responsible and profitable agriculture.
In our agro-sylvo-pastoral farms, we promote several cultures, with the same approaches: respect the environment, our workers and consumers.

GUINEA | Foutah

Foutha coffee is a wholesaler and retailer of Arabica coffee produced and processed in Guinea under the 100% Natural Foutah coffee label.

GUINEA | Foutah

Local products processing company. Create in order to help minimize food waste and provide the population with a healthy menu.

GUINEA | Kindia

Guinean company for the processing and marketing of food products

GUINEA | Kindia

The #Kanya_Nema cooperative is located 10 km from the urban area of Kindia, a town nicknamed the “city of citrus fruits” for the diversity and quality of its agricultural products.

GUINEA | Kankan

The Maison de la Femme is organized in a union which brings together different groups of
, created in 2014 and supported by the NGO ‘Non Nobis’. Based in Kankan in the
Sabadou Baranama sub-prefecture. The MF has a building equipped for
training of women and work equipment and materials capable of producing
varied range of food products.


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