Kanya Nema

The #Kanya_Nema cooperative is located 10 km from the urban area of Kindia, a town nicknamed the “city of citrus fruits” for the diversity and quality of its agricultural products.
Kanya-Nema was founded by three women, whose ambition was to make locally produced, quality products, hygienically packaged, accessible to the whole country. It brings together a hundred women with the aim of producing quality fresh and dried agricultural products. With a technological village equipped with medium-capacity production and processing machines, the Kanya-Nema cooperative has been a pioneer in the Guinean agrifood sector for the past twenty years.

The flagship products of the cooperative are:

Mango, pineapple, orange guava and papaya jams;
Wild fruit syrups and seasonal fruit salads;
Cereals and tubers (fonio, cassava flour, corn porridge, millet and fonio);
Spices (chili, okra, soumbara and powdered ginger);
Herbal teas (kinkéliba, lemongrass);
Peanut paste and palm oil;
Dried potato leaves and powdered cassava leaves.
The particularity of Kanya-Nema is that it offers women in the region a decent job while promoting local Guinean products.

Our products

Papaya jam

Kantigny in syrup