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Local products processing company. Create in order to help minimize food waste and provide the population with a healthy menu.

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The #Baobab is indeed one of the best known African trees, whose particularly majestic port is a symbol of dry tropical Africa. What is less known is that the whole tree is a resource for local populations: spongy wood that retains water, bark to make ropes, leaves rich in protein transformed into flour, pulp with high content in vitamins used in drinks and traditional remedies, seeds pressed to make oil, many applications, mostly ancestral, are attributed to it. The nutritional value of baobab fruit is based on its high content of Calcium, Vitamin C and fibers. The #Baobab fruit also contains significantly group B vitamins and amino acids, making it a real ally. #Chezmaman products are very present at the international day of small and medium-sized businesses. #baobab #Moringa #Bissap #Peanuts #Compotes.