Aoudy is a family and social enterprise evolving in the field of agro-business.
We promote responsible and profitable agriculture.
In our agro-sylvo-pastoral farms, we promote several cultures, with the same approaches: respect the environment, our workers and consumers.
Our mission is to cultivate, store, process and market Guinean agricultural products.
We are also working on the design and popularization of technologies for irrigation, cultivation, conservation and processing of agricultural products for small family farmers, women’s groups and young people from all administrative regions of Guinea.

Our products


Aoudy harvests and selects for you the best local honeys. Creamy and sweet, Aoudy honey comes in with all the flavors of Foutah Djallon. Original and with a clearly asserted taste, Aoudy honey is always cold extracted in order to preserve all its benefits and properties. Fruit of the artisanal work of beekeeping groups in the Foutah Djallon region. We attach great importance to the quality of the products we market by analyzing, certifying their origin, and tracing them from their region of production. We guarantee the absence of contaminants, such as antibiotics and pesticides, as well as production respecting ecological values