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Fleur de sel is the thin layer of white crystals that forms on the surface of salt production basins. It is a very fine product which requires real technical mastery from the producers. Fleur de sel is particularly suitable for gourmet cooking.


Peanut paste unmixed, 100% peanut based. Rich in protein, good for muscles, improves cardiovascular health, rich in nutrients and fibers

MANGOES (dried)

Dried Kindia Mango in Guinea is a super-fruit with a naturally sweet flavor. It represents an important source of fiber and rich in vitamins A, E, C fibers.


Les Roses de Marie Lavender Shea Butter is a treatment rich in vitamins (A, D, E, F), making it an intense nourishing and moisturizing treatment for the skin of the lips, and a powerful repairing treatment that allows repair and soothe skin lesions and inflammations, tone the skin in general by making it more supple. In addition, this shea butter protects the skin of the lips against the aggressions of cold and wind. It is scented with lavender essential oil, known for its relaxing, disinfecting and soothing properties.

Fonio of the little damba

Fonio is a gluten-free cereal, with a lower glycemic index than rice. Fonio is rich in essential minerals like potassium, crucial for heart, muscle and bone function. Fonio contains nearly 16 important amino acids, which make it a perfect substitute for rice and quinoa.
Our organic fonio is pre-washed, pre-cooked for ease of preparation and adheres to a level of quality hitherto unequaled in the industry.

HONEY (Aoudy)

Creamy and sweet, Aoudy honey comes in with all the flavors of Foutah Djallon. Original and with a clearly asserted taste, Aoudy honey is always cold extracted in order to preserve all its benefits and properties. We guarantee the absence of contaminants, such as antibiotics and pesticides, as well as production that respects ecological values

Foutah coffee

Use 20g of ground foutah arabica coffee for a 190ml cup, mix the coffee with well filtered hot water or a coffee maker which will allow you to extract the coffee juice with an extra ordinary aroma.


A quality natural production of well-filled grains and parboiled rice of color and taste typical of Bôra Maalé rice, with a low humidity level, a level of impurities less than 5% and a rate of broken grains less than 3% .

Papaya Jam (Albou)

Natural taste can be enjoyed on sandwiches, bread or on its own. Keep cool after opening